Humax HDR-FOX T2 – Unforgivable

My Tivo recently informed me that two new freeview channels were available. I went to my Humax HDR-Fox T2 to see if it had automatically picked up the new channels. It hadn’t. That was a little disappointing but not surprised based on my experience of using the Fox T2. “Not to worry” I thought, “I’ll get it to search for the new channels”. I went into the menu system and found the “Automatic Search” feature in the Installation menu. The search went well and picked up the new channels. I selected Save and the new channels became available.

With new channels available, I sat back and watched a little TV. Before going to bed, I thought I’d better check to make sure I’d set a film I wanted to record. Oh, erm. The schedule list is empty. I’d spent the past few weeks setting programmes to record and the schedule had been full of films and TV series. Now it was completely empty. The “Automatic Search” had cleared my recording schedule. Surely this is a bug, the developers couldn’t really have designed it to do this.

I’m sorry but this is completely unforgivable. I can’t really be expected to sit down and reschedule all of my programmes every time a new channel becomes available.

I’ve looked long and hard in the User Manual for information about retuning and having to reprogramme the recording schedule. I couldn’t find anything at all on this oversight.

The manual does mention being able to search for more channels. Here is the note from the User Guide.

Note: If you exit the installation wizard without fully completing the channel searching procedure, you may not have all of the channels available. In this case, you can use the Settings > Installation menu to search for more channels.

Surely this would have been the place to mention that you’ll loose your recording schedule. It clearly states that I can “search for more channels”.

I do hope this gets fixed in the new firmware release. I’m very, very disappointed.

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